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Site Inspections

During the construction phase, Council require a suitably qualified engineering professional to inspect various stages of the build and to ensure they meet building and other consent conditions. Shire Geotechnics are approved by various Councils around NZ to undertake this sign-off requirement.

Typically, Shire Geotechnics will have been involved in the site investigation and authoring of the geotechnical report, providing foundation and/or retaining wall design recommendations to the client and their structural engineer, architect, and planner (if engaged). During the construction phase, the results and recommendations in the geotechnical report will be used as the basis for the approvals.

Construction Workers

Where another company has written the report, or their recommendations have led to problems on site, then Shire Geotechnics can be engaged to provide sign-off and recommendations to achieve consent. Once all works are completed to the satisfactory requirements, we will issue a Producer Statement (PS4) to Council on your behalf.


Other site-based and inspection services include:

  • Pre-purchase appraisals.

  • Building settlement.

  • Land stability 

  • Earthworks

  • Retaining wall dilapidation survey

With more than 20 years’ experience conducting site inspections in Auckland and around New Zealand, you can count on Shire to get your development done right.

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