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E7 Ground Water Monitoring 

Developments which comprise of site excavations which may encounter ground water should consider the requirements under the Auckland Unitary Plan, E7 Taking, using, damming and diversion of water and drilling E7.1.

More specifically the development should be considered under the conditions of, E7  Table E7.4.1 Activity (A27) diversion of groundwater caused by any excavation (including trench) or tunnel.

The provisions in this plan apply in accordance with section 14(1) and section 14(3) of the Resource Management Act 1991.

Auckland Council requires an assessment to be carried out to confirm the development complies with the conditions stated in the activity tables, if these conditions are not met, the development does not comply and may require  a water take permit.

To allow assessment under E7, the site work involves installing standpipes onsite to allow ongoing measuring of the ground water table. 

Once groundwater monitoring information is available, the development can be assessed from these baseline readings.  

For projects with boundary or basement cuts, it is recommended groundwater monitoring boreholes are installed at the early investigation stage, in order to allow for a sufficient period of baseline ground water monitoring.  Usually as a minimum, one month of weekly readings are required, but for deeper excavations longer readings may be required.