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Geotechnical Consulting Services

What Types of Geotechnical Services Do Geotechnical Consultants Offer?

Geotechnical services and geotechnical consultants are not terms that most people are familiar with. However, those in the construction industry or who are looking to have a home or building built from scratch may need to engage a geotechnical engineer for these type of services at some point in time.  


Because of this, we recommend you familiarize yourself with these terms and learn more about the types of geotechnical services that Shire Geotechnics can offer.

One of the most common types of geotechnical services that geotechnical consultants offer is ground testing. Ground testing is carried out to determine if the underlying soil is stable enough for building, and what type of foundation, such as shallow or deep foundations, are best suited for the land.

Retaining wall designs, completing assessments for building settlements, completing assessments to determine the likelihood of landslides, rock slides or other hazards, coming up with ground solutions and determining the overall stability of land are just a few of the other important types of geotechnical services that Shire Geotechnics has to offer.

Finally, if you are planning on buying land, geotechnical consultants can complete a land survey, helping you to determine if the land can be used to build the type of building you are planning on using the land for, allowing you to make smart decisions when it comes in investing in land for residential or commercial projects.

At Shire Geotechnics, we offer all of the geotechnical services that you may need. We hire experienced and professional geotechnical consultants who are well-trained in assessing and evaluating land, providing you with answers to all of the questions that you may have about a land's stability and whether it can be built atop.


Contact us today if you need any geotechnical services and let us get to work helping you.