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Geotechnical Ground Reporting

The Importance of Ground Testing and Geotechnical Ground Reporting

Prior to purchasing land and building on land, it is highly recommended that you have ground testing and geotechnical ground reporting completed on the land. Unfortunately, many land buyers, especially those who do not purchase land that frequently, do not fully understand the importance of having these tests completed on the land.

Having ground testing done before buying a plot of land helps you to determine if it is feasible to complete the type of construction project you want to complete on the land before you buy the land. Some land is swampy, unstable, or may have soft soils. This type of land may not be able to support the type of construction project you want to complete. If you do not have this done before you buy land, you can invest in land that is not usable for your project, which can negatively affect your company.

Geotechnical reporting is typically undertaken at the preliminary project development stages to determine the suitability of the land, advise on what construction methods or techniques should be used based on the type of land that is present.

For example, you may need a shallow foundation system or a deep foundation system, based on the land and soil conditions. Or, steps may need to be taken to help protect the land against the potential of a landslide or rock slide.

Ground testing and geotechnical ground reporting are important parts of the land buying and land developing process. If you are to purchase land or develop land, you need an experienced geotechnical company that you can rely on and depend on.

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