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Geotechnical Reports

Councils often require applications for resource or building consent to include a Geotechnical Report, also often referred to as Geotech or Soil Report, to support a decision in granting a consent.


The Geotechnical Report also provides the Structural Engineer and designers the information necessary to carry out their foundation design.


Geotechnical reports are often required for:


  • Residential Developments.

  • Subdivisions.

  • Roading and Infrastructure.

  • Retaining wall design.

  • Slope stability assessment.

Prior to writing the report, Geotechnical engineers carry out site investigations, testing the sites ground conditions.

The results of the site investigation are summarised in the Geotechnical Report with development and foundation design recommendations.

Use an appropriately qualified Geotechnical Professional to tailor the site investigation objective(s) to the project’s requirements and risks.


Geotechnical Report
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