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What is the Purpose of Stormwater Testing?

Given that storms often leave an excessive amount of water behind, which the ground can often struggle to absorb, stormwater testing is of vital importance. Some things that perhaps go under the radar are the pollutants that are gathered by stormwater, with various oils, soils, and pesticides collected in gutters and drains.

Essentially, stormwater often remains untreated, and often flows into rivers, lakes, and other natural bodies of water that need all the protection they can get. With the environment in the throes of a crisis, stormwater testing is absolutely crucial to keeping the environment safe and healthy.

What is stormwater testing?

As urban areas continue to grow, processes like stormwater testing become increasingly important. Essentially it is the monitoring, testing and remediation of pollutants and contaminants. Samples are taken from various properties and sent to a laboratory for testing.

In turn, this assessment will reveal whether or not the property or business in question are operating in an environmentally sound manner. Properties tested can range from car parks to farms to roads. The tests can specify what the pollutants are and where they come from in relation to the respective property, allowing for swift remediation processes

But why is it important? The obvious reasons are that it helps us combat pollution and work toward a shared goal of environmental protection. Environmental health concerns have never been higher than the present day, and stormwater testing is a crucial part of addressing this imbalance. With infrastructure projects that are more environmentally sound, stormwater assessments allow us to work toward that goal.

Who does the testing?

Environmental laboratories generally perform the stormwater sample tests, and will often help property owners with the tests. Companies like Shire Engineering Consultants provide assessments for the Auckland region at prices that are affordable for your business or property.

Not only is this good in terms of your own environmental practices, but when it comes to the environmental regulations, naturally you’ll want to avoid the prospect of a hefty fine, especially with authorities coming down a lot harder on pollutants in this more environmentally conscious era.

For the best in stormwater assessments, give Shire Engineering Consultants a call, or visit our website to receive a quote.

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