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Geotechnical Engineering

Geotechnical engineering uses principles of soil and rock mechanics to investigation subsurface conditions to guide construction occurring on the surface or within the ground.


The complex, variable nature of the ground makes geotechnical engineering a challenging task.  


We at Shire believe successful geotechnical engineering stems from continuous development of innovative solutions to meet the challenges of building on and with these materials; by evaluating stability of natural slopes and man-made soil deposits; assess risks posed by site conditions; design earthworks and structure foundations; and monitor site conditions, earthwork and foundation construction.

Shire Geotechnics provides geotechnical consultancy, engineering and design, for a diverse portfolio of Clients and projects. 

Our approach allows us to help our Clients mitigate and manage the myriad risks associated with complex ground conditions, thereby yielding cost savings and avoiding unnecessary delays.

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