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Professional & Personalised 
Machine Hole Core

Geotechnical Testing and Reporting 

Shire Geotechnics provides a wide range of civil engineering services, including geotechnical ground testing and reporting suitable to support the building consent process, shallow and deep foundations, timber pole retaining wall design, assessment of building settlements, landslide and hazard assessments, geotechnical site inspections for construction work, soft ground solutions, land stability assessments and pre-purchase reports. 

Site Inspections and Council Producer Statements

At the construction stage Shire Geotechnics provides the full support services, carrying out site inspections for foundations, fill compaction inspections and Auckland Council's Producer Statement construction review supporting documents.

Pilcon Shear Vane
Timber Pole Wall

Retaining Wall Design 

Shire Geotechnics provides geotechnical services for site investigation and design of retaining walls,  including the following services:

  • Timber Pole Walls

  • WALLAP Analysis

  • AEE for boundary cuts.

  • Mechanically Stabilised Earth Walls

  • Gabion Retaining Walls 

Stormwater and Effluent Disposal 

Shire Geotechnics provide site specific stormwater assessments and solutions following up to date best practice and Auckland Council guidelines.

We also provide onsite effluent assessment and assessments of environmental effects (AEE) reports.

Soakage Testing