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Professional & Personalised 

Geotechnical Engineering

Shire Geotechnics provides a wide range of geotechnical engineering services, including geotechnical testing, reporting, and foundation design used to support resource and building consent applications.

Civil Engineering

Shire Geotechnics provide a diverse range of civil services, including providing solutions for stormwater and effluent treatment, disposal and management systems for your development.

Site Inspections and Council Producer Statements

Retaining Wall Design

The professional engineering team at Shire Geotechnics offer practical designs for different types of retaining wall systems.  Our designs are always mindful of constructability and cost.

Site Inspections

During the construction phase, Shire Geotechnics can inspect various stages of the build to ensure it meets building and other consent conditions including the issuing of PS4 producer statements.

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