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Takapuna Apartment Development

Shire were commisioned to carry out a geotechnical investigation, ground water monitoring, geological reporting, heritage assessment, assessment of ground water consolidation risk, mechanical deflection risk and ground water drawdown  assessment for a proposed 5 level apartment block with basement carpark . 

Geotechnical site investigations were undertaken to define the ground model and key foundation parameters.

Piezometers were installed and ground water monitoring was undertaken for three months.

On completion of the site work, a geotechnical report, ground water assessment and geological report were completed to support resource and building consent. 

Key Aspects:

  • Geotechnical testing 

  • Stability assessment 

  • AEE - ground water drawdown and basement cut deflection assessment

  • E7, Taking, using, damming and diversion  of water assessment

  • Geological Heritage Assessment

  • Geotechnical Reporting 

CLIENT: Private Developer 

Date: 2018

Relevant Services

  • Geology & Geotechnical 

  • Civil 

  • Planning

  • Groundwater 

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